Tips & Ideas

You can get your photographs from a variety of sources:

  • Digital Cameras
  • CD's, Zip Disks, or Disketts
  • Scanners
  • Photographic Prints

Need some ideas? View our Samples in Pillow Styles

Choosing your fabric and trim:

You may decide to choose a fabric that contrasts or blends with your furnishings. No matter what your color palette, our tone on tone fabrics coordinate beautifully. All our fabrics are basic neutral shades to coordinate with your solid or print furnishings. This color palette allows the photographic image to remain the focal point. Our fabric provides the frame, not the distraction.

You can send us your photographs a couple of ways:

  • Mail it! - Send us our image in the mail protected by packaging that will not allow your photograph to bend. Consider sending a copy before you send an original. We are not responsible should the image be lost by the mail service. When your order is complete we mail the photograph back to you along with your pillow.
  • E-mail - If you would like to email your image be sure to save it as a JPEG file if it isn't already in this format. Open your e-mail browser and click on 'attach'. The popup window will display your desktop. Navigate to find your image and click on it. Hey, You did it!
  • Upload (or FTP) - Currently we do not offer this technology but hope to in the near future.

We do the rest! Your precious photographs are translated by us into classic black and white images on fabric. Two large image sizes are available, 5x7 and 8x10. These sizes are approximate as we use part of the non image area for attaching onto your pillow.