Foundation: 25-Year Limited Warranty

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This 25 year limited warranty is valid only for foundations purchased prior to March 1, 2014.


Tempur Production USA, LLC (“Tempur-Pedic”) warrants that we will, at Tempur-Pedic’s option, replace or repair purchaser’s Tempur-Pedic® foundation if it is defective due to faulty workmanship or materials, subject to the limitations described in this warranty.

This warranty covers the following items during normal wear:

  • Structural damage/broken components
  • Squeaks, rattles or noises
  • Sagging that is not associated with use of an improper bed frame.

A proper bed frame must provide sturdy support for both the mattress and foundation; including a center support and having at least 6 legs. For queen, king, and cal king slatted style bed frames, it is incumbent upon purchaser to ensure that the frame utilized offers ample structural support for that particular slatted style frame. Failure to have a proper bed frame may invalidate the warranty.

Please Note: Tempur-Pedic highly recommends a 3 bed beam support system (provided by Tempur-Pedic at an additional cost) or a support system of similar quality that is designed specifically to give slatted style bed frames additional structural support.

Some examples of proper bed frames are shown below:


This warranty does not cover:

  • Structural damage from using an improper bed frame. See above description and illustrations for a proper bed frame.
  • Physical abuse or damage to the structure and/or cover material, including but not limited to, burns, cuts, tears, or liquid damage.
  • Replacement of another piece in the Tempur-Pedic sleep system, unless other piece is also defective.

Year 1 through 10 – Full Coverage

During the first ten (10) years of this warranty, Tempur-Pedic will not charge purchaser to repair or replace purchaser’s foundation if it is deemed defective, but any transportation costs associated with repairs or replacements are purchaser’s responsibility. In no event will the transportation costs exceed Tempur-Pedic’s then-standard freight charges.

Year 11 through 25 – Prorated Coverage

During years 11 through 25 of this warranty Tempur-Pedic will, at its option, repair the foundation at a handling cost to purchaser, or replace the foundation at a prorated charge to purchaser plus transportation costs. If Tempur-Pedic replaces the foundation, the prorated replacement charge purchaser pays will depend on when the foundation is replaced.

If the foundation is replaced during the eleventh year of this warranty, the prorated replacement charge purchaser pays will be fifty (50) percent of the original purchase price.

If the mattress is replaced after the eleventh year but before the twenty-first year, the prorated replacement charge purchaser pays will increase by five (5) percent for each subsequent year of the prorated period (i.e., 55% of the original purchase price if replaced during year twelve; 60% of the original purchase price if replaced during year thirteen, etc.) If the mattress is replaced in year 21 or any point thereafter prior to expiration of the limited warranty, the prorated replacement charge purchaser pays will the same as if the mattress was replaced in year 20 of the limited warranty period.

Tempur-Pedic foundations are designed to work in conjunction with a Tempur-Pedic mattress. This warranty and other performance warranties are based on tests conducted on “sets” that consist of our mattresses and foundations. Tempur-Pedic foundations should be placed on a bed frame that is structurally capable of supporting the weight of the purchaser’s Tempur-Pedic mattress, foundation, and user(s). IF PURCHASER USES INAPPROPRIATE BED FRAMES WITH THIS FOUNDATION, SUCH USE WILL VOID THIS WARRANTY AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Tempur-Pedic may require proof of the quality of bed frame if purchaser makes a claim under this warranty. Tempur-Pedic reserves the right to invalidate this warranty if the foundation is found to be in an unsanitary condition.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has created the Standard for the Flammability (Open Flame) of Mattress Sets in Federal Register 16 CFR Part 1633. Foundations are specified for use with particular mattresses and therefore use outside of these specifications, should not be construed as 16 CFR Part 1633 compliant.

This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser from the original purchase date of the original product purchased. An original purchaser is one who purchases the product directly from Tempur-Pedic or an authorized retailer of Tempur-Pedic. If purchaser is not the original purchaser of this product, he/she takes it “as is” and “with all faults.” If the purchase of this mattress was not directly from Tempur-Pedic, proof of purchase will be required to demonstrate that purchaser is the original purchaser and eligible to make a valid claim under this warranty.

In the event a warranty claim is filed and a warranty replacement is deemed necessary, purchaser will be required to surrender the original product to Tempur-Pedic at the time of replacement.

You may contact Tempur-Pedic’s Customer Service Department by calling toll-free 1-800-821-6621 or by sending an email to

This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights, and the purchaser may also have other rights, which may vary from state to state.


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