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Transform Your Guest Room

— by Tempur-Pedic on Oct 25, 2021

While we all love to travel and visit with our loved ones, we don’t always love the lackluster guest bedrooms that come along with being a houseguest. Dress up your extra bedroom so your guests feel comfortable and rested during their stay.

LuxeBreeze mattress in decorated room with herringbone wooden wall, decorative chairs, and an antique rug

Start with the centerpiece of any bedroom – the bed. When it comes to a great night’s sleep, mattress choice is the first thing to consider. Our TEMPUR-Cloud® mattress is perfectly formulated to give your guests a comfortable and supportive sleep experience. The first layer is made with an all-new formulation of TEMPUR-Material™ designed to be soft, responsive, and cushion every inch of your guests’ bodies as they settle in. The next layer is a firmer support layer that slowly adapts and conforms to deliver pressure relief throughout the night. Our favorite part? The TEMPUR-Cloud® offers ready-to-ship, cloud-like comfort. Delivered in a reusable canvas bag right to your doorstop — you’ll simply unpack, unroll, and enjoy. Top it off with curve-cradling pillows and luxurious linens to complete their dream sleep.

For room décor, we like to keep our guest spaces simple and classic. Bring some warmth to your guest room with a plush, neutral-colored rug. Position it so the top third of the fabric is underneath the bed to add a layer of depth to your color scheme. Next, add a pop of color with a few house plants (real or fake—we won’t judge!). Some favorite corner plants are the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Parlor Palm, and Yucca because they fill an entire corner and brighten the area. If you’re the proud owner of a green thumb, live plants can purify the air and dissipate that stale scent that guest rooms often have.

Finally, complete the room with one last touch — a decorative chair. Adding an accent chair not only provides a place to sit, but it also offers an elevated spot to place clothes, duffle bags, and more so your guests have more space for their belongings.

Make your guest room feel like a home-away-from-home or even enjoy the space yourself with a midday nap. Don’t forget to snap a picture and tag us with #TEMPURLove.

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