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Puppy Proofing Your Tempur-Pedic

— by Tempur-Pedic on Oct 22, 2021

At Tempur-Pedic, we love seeing photos on social media of your furry best friends enjoying life-changing sleep as much as you do. Studies show dog owners reported getting better sleep than cat owners, because their pets don’t wake them up as often in the night. Plus, the same survey discovered that women with dogs feel more comfortable and safer at night than women with cats,* so it's no surprise that curling up with your pup can benefit your overall sleep quality.

Tempur-Pedic mattress with man, woman, and brown dog lying on bed

Discover tips to sleep comfortably night after night while sharing your bed with the four-legged members of your family:

First, to reduce the chance of your pooch waking you up for a midnight bathroom break or—even worse—having an accident during the night, take your dog out right before bedtime.

Then, add a mattress protector. As much as we love and trust our pets, accidents happen. While our mattresses come with removable covers, they aren’t waterproof and won’t protect the warranty on your mattress. We strongly recommend using our TEMPUR-Protect Mattress Protector to prevent stains and damage.

From digging in the yard to frolicking through piles of leaves, our canine companions love to get messy. The last thing you want is to invite the dirt and grime from playtime into your bed. Keep your pooch bathed and brushed to avoid dirty paw prints, shedding, and dander from finding their way into your bedding.

Make sure your pup sleeps above the covers. When you’re getting ready to snuggle up at the end of the day, try to train your dog to sleep on top of the covers to avoid spreading dirt and germs in your sheets. This also reduces the risk of them overheating throughout the night.

Finally, frequently wash your bedding. Sheets and comforters can trap the dirt, germs, and allergens that your pooch brings into your bed. Ensure you are sleeping in a clean and healthy environment by washing your sheets once a week and your comforter and other blankets a couple of times a month.

If Fido constantly wakes you up while chasing rabbits and tennis balls in his dreams, you’re not alone. A small study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that people with dogs in their bed woke up more throughout the night than those without.‡ But don’t worry — our innovative TEMPUR® Material dramatically reduces motion transfer, so the movement of your sleep partner (or pooch) won’t disturb you, meaning more restful sleep for everyone.

So, keep cozying up with your furry best friend, and don’t forget to tag us in your social posts with #TEMPURLove.


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